Brian BirchThroughout my professional life, I’ve been fighting to protect and expand opportunity for others. From developing training programs to helping low-income families buy homes to lobbying Congress to expand healthcare for children, every moment of my professional life has been in pursuit of a better tomorrow. 


I’ve been shaping stories and reframing arguments around key issues for years. Be it empowering allies in Congress to advance the strongest tobacco control policies in history (see the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act) or thinking up catchy, tangible campaigns to save an eccentric and threatened bird, I’ve had to write the narrative, pick the team, select the color palette, design the logo, build the coalition, collaboratively write and execute the strategy … you name it, I’ve done it. [For specifics, see Projects.]

Collaborative Spirit + Intellectual Curiosity

A strong leader puts the mission first. (S)he builds successful teams and coalitions by building confidence in others that they are working with someone who is looking out for them. S(he) practices strong listening skills and delegates responsibility, showing respect for each person’s or organization’s strengths. S(he) isn’t afraid to ask questions and to step out of the spotlight to let others shine. I hope that my track record and references will give you comfort that I exemplify these critical leadership traits.

Extensive Digital Campaign Experience

I’ve run more than 100 digital campaigns — local, state, national and international. Most of my campaigns were run in collaboration with local partners and internal team members, requiring solid communication, active use of project management software and regular follow-up. One of my typical policy campaigns would involve:

  • Briefing by policy and research teams
  • Discussion of and agreement on goals with the policy team and other stakeholders
  • Selection of internal team (usually with members representing different departments)
  • Setting of timeline and objectives that supported goals as defined by the policy team
  • Delegation of tasks to various team members (and their departments)
  • Drafting of core messages and talking points for policymakers and the public
  • Development of logo/branding and a public-facing microsite with a call to action (using a CRM system)
  • Creation of an email calendar and drafting of email messages and various subject lines for A/B testing
  • Creation of earned and social media plan to support email/advocacy calendar
  • Regular check-ins with the policy team and stakeholder meetings to report on what’s working and to rethink what’s not

See my Projects

A History of Fighting the Good Fight

Over the course of my professional life, I have worked to:

  • Hold corporations and elected officials accountable
  • Regulate the distribution, sale, and marketing of tobacco products
  • Pass some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation
  • Expand health insurance for low-income children
  • Get tobacco products out of popular sports like NASCAR and Major League Baseball
  • Protect wildlife and public lands
  • Help people struggling with debt to correct course and eventually buy a home
  • Provide access to and training on voter activation software to more than 1,200 volunteers
  • Stop artists from using tobacco sponsors of their concerts overseas
  • Elect forward-thinking, qualified people into office
  • Secure equality for the LGBT community